Quill commander award or the hope for a world unifyied 

Living in a world where being black haitian is an insult, I fight everyday to achieve the best of all, to prove myself either the world that I will thrive through the shit hole some think my country and I are. It is not as easy as I would want, since not only the world, but also some of us, consider who we are as a shame. Then, I should struggle to create opportunity and hope in a separate world, where everything is illusion.

As I find my strenght in writing, i create my blog to show, that everyone has a great purpose in this world, everyone can find hope to live again. I was afraid. Sometimes, doubt and depression paralysed me. I cannot prevent myself to wonder if I am really Good in writing, if others would accept me, because of who I am. However, I was wrong. I find through, an amazing family. All of them has showed me it exists, no matter what people say or think, another world better than the world of racism, discrimination, deceit and disappointment we evolve. I find right here a world unifyied.

Two days ago,  I was nominated in an award who confirmed the world I wanted can exist “The Quill Commander Award”. I want to thank The amazing blogger who nominates me, a wonderdul woman, Jgomez.  You can checkout her poems which are very expressive.

This award is created by an innovative and creative blogger Dronstad. Its purpose is to promote nationalism pride. It links blogger together. It gives this hope that no matter what, we can be united. It shows whatever, who we are, where we came from, we are one. It shows not only, Blogger can be unifyied by their lust to read and write, but also all of us in this world. Even though the differences it seems to have between us, difference of religion, nationality, skin color… We are one.

Here’s the rules :

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link of their blog
2. List the rules of the award
3. Post a photo of your National flag and anthem
4. Leave a favorite quote
5. Nominate a few loyal bloggers

National flag and anthem

Favorite quote from Bernardinho

The bloggers I nominate

B. Aphorisms

Elis Graci


Chewing on glass


14 thoughts on “Quill commander award or the hope for a world unifyied 

  1. You’ve summed up and very well written what my intentions were behind creating this Award. I am glad to see we think alike and that you have taken time to participate in this Award. By this post, I feel honored and happy. I wish you victory in every battle life leads you in. Thank you for this. 😀

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  2. Hello scheska! Congratulations! Thank you for nominating me on this award. It’s a beautiful award. I will accept it and do in a couple of days. By the way, your purpose on blogging is beautiful too. You’re living it up. Ty once again, 😘

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  3. Congratulations on receiving the award… you have so many amazing posts and it is nice to see you getting recognized for it… Thank you for the nomination… It means so much to me… that you even thought of me…

    Haiti is not a shit hole country… The President… may think he speaks for all of us… But he does not… You should be proud to be from Haiti… to be Haitian… to be the person you are… you are an amazing, kind,and wonderful person… this world… let alone America… could use more people like you in it… People who care about each other… People who stand up for one another… This life is hard enough… I wish people would stop making it that much harder on each other… It is real easy to sit behind a podium…. and say horrible unjustifiable things… it is a whole other thing to rebuild a nation… after one of the most devastating natural disasters.. in modern history… Hold your head high… it is he who should have to lower his in shame…

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    1. Thank you for your kind and strong comment. I really appreciate it. I am proud to be who I am, and I will go on with this pride by looking for the best. My country has been through so many difficulties as this eartquake, but we keep going on, we keep fighting.

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